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Growth in deployments of Small Low Earth Orbit satellites changes the private space industry landscape. Offering enhanced capabilities in communication, navigation, military and earth observation industries at decreasing costs. Creating growth opportunities for adjacent industries, providing on-orbit positioning, launch, traffic management and debris removal services. Our intelligence brings you closer in understanding of new business opportunities in space.


Semiconductors are US fourth most important exports by value. The industry is also critical to the economies of South East Asia, as Taiwan and South Korea, being responsible for a major part of their GDPs. China’s electronic industry is dependent on semiconductor imports, the situation that Beijing tries to change with generous subsidies program. The development of the sector is fuelled by the roll out of 5G technology and server segment, spurred from demand’s of working from home among coronavirus epidemic.


Battery industry continues to ramp-up capacities. China dominates the landscape in terms of capacities and continues to catch-up with South Korea and Japan in terms of quality of its cells. European Union incentifies the creation of independent regional supply chain, while South Korea aggresively tries to expand its market share during uncertainties of pandemy. Industry is concerned about availability of raw materials to fuel new energy revolution with compliance to ESG standarts.

ADVANCED Materials

Access to new and advanced materials underlies the success of many of high-technology imanufacturing industries. The category encompasses ceramics, highly value-added or pure metals, electronic materials, composites, polymers, Nano-materials, energy storage materials and biomaterials. The report represents an effort to review the diverse advanced material market, to navigate business and investment opportunities in this exciting space.

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