The report presents in detail the landscape of satellites industry in 2021, shaped by further growth of small satellites sector, governments increasing reliance on private space players and more abundant financing opportunities.

Satellites market & industry report


Further growth in deployments of Small Low Earth Orbit satellites changes the private space industry landscape. Offering enhanced capabilities in communication, navigation, military and earth observation industries at decreasing costs. Abudnance of small satellites gives a rise to adjacent industries, providing on-orbit positioning, launch, traffic management and debris removal services. The report brings you closer in understanding of new business opportunities in space.

How do we add value?

Non-consensus forecasts

We are not afraid to break from the herd if we have a strong basis for it

Asia focused

We are focused on acquiring a deep understanding of Asia's markets and its participants

New perspective

We help you to look at market challenges and opportunities from different angles


In our market report on satellite industry you will find: 

Detailed profiles of companies

Presenting major players and diverse start-up scene

Prevailing market trends

Everything that you need to know on current state of the market, including major and emerging trends

Hard data & projections

We track launches and number of satellites in space

Macroeconomic environment

Politics and legislation influencing the industry

Risk assessment

Projections sensitivity analysis, assessment of risks impacting the industry growth


Discussion of major recent investments, mergers and acquisitions


What is state of the art and what constitutes a cutting edge in satellite industry?

 Supply chain

Analysis of supply chains to satellite industry. Identification of possible supply chain risks


Bespoke research services

Do you seek to undersand specific segment of space industry to draw actionable conclusions?