Satellites launch services report 2021

Launch is the key element of satellite deployment. In 2021, the market is booming with launch providers and facilitators, bringing the costs down and increasing efficiency.  

Satellites launch services market report


The report provides assessment of services offered by launch providers and launch facilators. It introduces profiles of key market players and explains procedures involved in the launch of different types of satellites. 

How do we add value?

Non-consensus forecasts

We are not afraid to break from the herd if we have a strong basis for it

Asia focused

We are focused on acquiring a deep understanding of Asia's markets and its participants

New perspective

We help you to look at market challenges and opportunities from different angles


In our market report on launch service providers you will find: 

Detailed profiles of companies

Presenting major launch providers and facilitators from private and public sector

Prevailing market trends

Everything that you need to know on current state of the market, including major and emerging trends


Detailed overview of launch procedure


Overview of legislation related to satellites launches


Overview of launch facilities available

Business opportunities

Assessment of market opportunities in the launch segment


Bespoke research services

Do you seek to undersand specific segment of space industry to draw actionable conclusions?