The report describes in detail the state of the development of China’s of space industry in 2021, shaped by an increasing involvment of private sector companies and US-China technological rivalry. 

China's space industry report


China continues to aggresively enhance its space capabilities with a planned completion of its first space station in 2022, plans of sending its “taikonauts” to the moon, increasing number of satellite launches and intense exploratory activities on Mars. 

The report investigates current state of China’s space industry focusing on prevalent trends, government supported projects and initiatives and profiles of key companies. 

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In our market report on China’s space industry you will find: 

Data on China’s satellites on orbit

List of China’s current projects in space

Data on China’s major space facilities situated in the mainland (launch sites, plants, R&D facilities)

Profiles of state related entities involved in space industry

Profiles of private companies involved in space industry

Main directions of development for China’s space industry

Discussion of space industry financing schemes

China’s space industry segments

China’s space industry supply chain and its bottlenecks

China’s space industry competitive advantages and deficiencies

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